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Trustees’ Week is a time for charities to come together and celebrate the achievements of nearly one million trustees across the UK. It is a chance to thank all of our trustees for the time, commitment and effort they bring.

You can find out more about trustees week from their official website:

Mark Pawson, the vice chair of the Foundation had this to say:

'I've always been proud of Featherstone Rovers and the community in which I live.
I wanted to support both and becoming a Trustee has enabled me to do this.
The Foundation has 5 focus areas and in Health, Social Inclusion, Learning, Physical Activity and Heritage & Arts  there is something for everyone. Over 26,000 people are engaged within these activities each year, and knowing that all of our work can reach this many people in our communities is what makes it so worthwhile.'

Thank you to all of our trustees!

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