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At Featherstone Rovers Foundation, we endeavour to support your Physical Education (PE) needs and provide your school with high quality coaching during curriculum time PE lessons, breakfast & lunchtime clubs. You just choose the sporting activities from the menu and we will provide you with hassle free, structured and well delivered PE. 

We support the National Curriculum's aims by delivering a broad range of physical activities to improve competence, engage schools in competitive sports/ activities and implement the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

If you would like further information or details of how to sign up please contact Ian Hardman at

For more information and to see our school sport brochure, please email


Scott Bland, St Thomas C of E Primary School, Featherstone

       'The Featherstone Rovers Foundation is a fantastic local community link and helps pupils develop and interest in sport. Quality PE lessons have been delivered and pupils have been inspired and challenged to help build, skills, resilience and confidence. Children have embraced sessions where they have learnt about their own bodies and the impact that sport can have on health and well-being. The Foundation have also been able to support Rugby League development through the Sky Try programme with Years 3 & 4. Players have set a good example to our students by conducting themselves in a highly professional and dedicated way. We are delighted to have signed up for the next 3 years!.' 

Sean Powell, Sharlston Community School

       'The Featherstone Rovers team have worked in our primary school setting for a number of years, providing fantastic learning opportunities and increasing the sporting interest of both pupils and staff. The sports coaches at Featherstone Rovers are unfailingly polite and punctual, and have created positive relationships with staff and children. They proficiently teach a variety of sporting activities in a fun and engaging manner. The activities they teach contribute to the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our children. As well as delivering sports coaching sessions, Featherstone Rovers have also provided our school with informative assemblies linked to the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.  In addition to curriculum support, the Featherstone Rovers staff run lunchtime activities, games and challenges for the KS2 children. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in structured play and integrate with children from different classes. All coaches remain professional at all times and are always open to suggestions for their own professional development.'

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