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Featherstone Rovers Foundation receive grant to celebrate History through the Arts

The ‘Pit to the Pitch’ Project will celebrate the history and traditions of proud northern Rugby League Club, Featherstone Rovers RLFC and its association with the heritage of coal mining in the West Yorkshire town of Featherstone. The project will share the traditions that these two themes have brought to such a small town through a series of events and activities for all members of the community. We will inspire children and young people from Featherstone as they learn about how a group of Men went from Mining coal to lifting the most prestigious Trophy in Rugby League, The Challenge Cup through creative activities.

The project will enable people of all ages to learn about the local history and be proud of their community including finding out all about the local area, local Mining history, the Geography behind how Coal is formed and the historic RL club, the mighty Featherstone Rovers.

The Foundation have teamed up with a host of ‘creative experts’ including a local Artist, local Author Ian Clayton and ‘Join the Momentum’ dance who will tell the story of the Town and club’s history through creative activities including a permanent art feature within the Millennium Stadium, creative writing workshops and a dance piece which will be performed on the hallowed turf at the infamous Post Office Road Stadium.

Amy Hardman, Head of Featherstone Rovers Foundation is excited to get the project underway

‘From initially writing an idea on paper we are thrilled we can now bring this ‘Pit to the Pitch’ project to life Thanks to the support from Wakefield Council. We want to really honour the local communities history and how a group of Miners helped to put Featherstone on the map through Rugby League.’

Sarah Elston Director of Join The Momentum said,

‘Having worked within the Featherstone community for a number of years, we are excited to help bring this special project to life. There’s some great stories to be shared and it will be an honour to work with other local creatives to deliver insightful workshops which will lead to some fantastic pieces of work, some that will be enjoyed in Featherstone for years to come!’

For more information about the project or how you can get involved please contact Amy Hardman

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