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This November we ran a holiday camp with the support and funding of Orion Homes with aims of giving families in the local area support with childcare and giving those children somewhere safe where they can be active, learn and make friends while their parents were at work.


Orion homes funding meant that families accessing free school meals were eligible for free placements on the provision. These families made up the majority of our attendees, meaning support was given to a lot of families who needed it most in our area. Attendees were also provided with free lunch.

The camp took place from November 1st - November 3rd at the Millennium Stadium in Featherstone. Children spent the 3 days doing multi-sport, dance, and a range of different arts and craft activities, finishing it off with a big Halloween party!

We find provisions like this to be so important. Supporting those families in our local communities with childcare and a reduction in weekly shopping can make a big difference, especially around holiday times when we feel no one deserves to be left out.

We and all of our holiday camp attendees couldn't be happier with the support given from Orion homes, and we cannot wait to work with them on future provisions.

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