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Featherstone Rovers Dance Academy

Join us and take part in our dance & cheerleading classes
Sessions are £3 each (payment is given for full term).
The 16+ class is £5 per session.
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We have dance classes running both at the Millenium Stadium and at the Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Learning & Community Centre.

Our classes and their times at the Millenium Stadium are:

Tiny Stars (Age 3 + KS1)
16:45 - 17:30

Juniors (KS2)
17:30 - 18:15

Seniors (KS3)
18:15 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:00

Our class at the Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Learning & Community Centre is currently being run as one session where anyone who fits into the age range of one of our classes
(excluding the 16+ class) can join in.

Our Kinsley dance sessions run from
17:00 - 18:00.

When signing up to either the Featherstone or Kinsley dance classes, it is expected that you attend as often as you can, and let us know if you aren't able to make it to a session.

If you are interested in joining any of our dance classes you can sign up on the day at the relevant venue. You can also contact Amy Hardman at: or +01977702386 for more information.


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