The Featherstone Rovers All Star dance academy has been successful in being offered a space to perform on the main stage at Disneyland Paris in October 2019. This is the biggest success in the dance academy history and everyone is super proud to have been accepted. The All Star dance academy, submitted 4 audition videos, 2 application forms and various other documents supporting their campaign to be the first rugby league cheerleading team to be accepted to perform on the main stage. The trip will be a once in a life time opportunity and will be the first of its type in the Wakefield District with majority of the members being from Featherstone and surrounding areas. The tour is jam packed with performances, workshops, Disney experiences, character breakfasts and much more. 


Lauren Crowcroft, Community Development Officer said ‘ I am super proud that we have been accepted, all dancers work so hard in every dance class and performance they do.  It was just a dream when I mentioned it to my coaches at class as we thought it would never be possible. We do have our work cut out and have to fundraise to make it possible but hopefully we will make to centre stage.’

The group travel to Disney in October 2019 but are  busy looking for sponsors and donations to ensure the trip can be inclusive and affordable for the members. The dance academy has a jam packed fundraising calendar so look out for them in the local area. For enquires about supporting the group make history please contact

If you would like to make a small donation, please visit our Charity Checkout fundraising page: