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Spectacular week for the community development team celebrating student’s success in curriculum and after school clubs. Our specialist Dance and Gymnastics coach Lauren Crowcroft has been making surprise visits to local schools to commend her students on outstanding work. On Tuesday 5th June Lauren and the cheerleading after school club at North Featherstone Junior and Infant school surprised the entire school by an exceptional showcase of their favourite routines. The NFJI cheerleading group have learnt various routines over the last two academic terms and even performed centre field at a Featherstone Rovers home fixture. It was a great finale to their hard work and effort. Each student received a special medal and unique certificate for their commitments and outstanding performance ability.

Furthermore, Lauren finished off the week surprising students from Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School in their celebrating assembly. The pupils from Years 3 and 4 have enjoyed two terms of gymnastics. The students were at superior standard they all passed Level 8 and Level 7 British Gymnastic proficiency awards. Lauren has now created a pathway for the students to continue their development at local British Gymnastic Clubs as part of the award. The Featherstone Rovers Foundation are proud to be working with the local schools and will continue to support and inspire students. If you would like to find out more about our school sport provision offers or book a taster session please contact

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