Community Wellbeing Officers

Our community wellbeing officers are here to help everyone, with advice and support on how to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic and how to get the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Community wellbeing logo.png

The aim of the project is to support people within our local community, who are most at risk from Coronavirus. People living in lower income areas such as Featherstone, are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and are more likely to suffer long-term impacts and poor outcomes from Covid-19.  We are encouraging everyone to adopt safer behaviours and reduce the impact of the virus on themselves and those around them.

We are delivering Covid-19 safe messaging and providing information regarding the Covid-19 vaccination, to encourage our local community to become vaccine positive and in turn, receive both doses of the vaccine.

Featherstone Rovers Foundation have employed 2 Community Wellbeing Officers to work full time, engaging with our fan base and everyone within our local community. They are delivering a wide range of measures to build trust in the accurate public health messaging and ultimately saving lives.

The Community Wellbeing Officers have been working with Wakefield Council, Public Heath Wakefield, Live Well Wakefield and the NHS using the Featherstone Rovers brand, to identify barriers within the local area so that we can provide tailored support, tackle misinformation and encourage take-up of the Covid-19 vaccine.


Examples of the work we have undertaken so far:

  • Supporting people to book their vaccine appointment online

  • Arranging transport for people to attend their appointments

  • Registering carers with their GP’s, to ensure they could book their vaccine

  • Using our social media platforms to promote Covid safe messaging and encourage vaccine take-up

  • Wakefield Covid safe messaging around the group including 6 large banners, 2 feather banners and 100ft of bunting!

  • Posters and flyers provided to local business in Featherstone and Pontefract to promote our project,

  • Flyers given to everyone who makes a purchase from the Featherstone Rovers shop,

  • Attending local coffee mornings to engage with the local community,

  • Digital media screens in the bar area and on the scoreboard on match days,

  • Match Day PA announcements with Covid safe Messaging.